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The Benefits To Buying New Construction in the Valley

Updated: May 26, 2020

When considering a new home in the ever-charming San Fernando Valley, options are often limited to high-priced, dated properties that feature closed-in floor plans, finicky appliances and needed repairs. That’s, in large part, the reality of buying a home in a coveted neighborhood such as Van Nuys — however there are exceptions, such as our collection of modern homes at Monroe at Hazeltine. Here, the answer for first-time homebuyers, families and all who are seeking to build value in a prime Valley locale is simple: A sparkling, newly built home set at an affordable price from the high $600k’s. Below, explore the benefits of buying a brand new abode within our idyllic community.

Brand-New Everything

When you buy an older home, you’re also buying the entire history of that home — good and bad. That means that you have to live with — or pay to change or fix — everything from a closed-in floorplan to the previous owners’ curious design choices, to outdated appliances and heating and cooling systems. If you decide to renovate, you never know what kind of surprises may be waiting behind the walls. And when something malfunctions or downright breaks, you’re on the hook to pay for it.

When purchasing a new home, everything — from the floors to the finishes — is sparkling new for you to enjoy for the first time. Plus, as the first to reside in your brand-new home, you don’t need to worry about sanitizing and deep cleaning your space in the same way one might with a previously owned home.

Home Warranties

Unlike when purchasing a previously owned property, new construction homes at Monroe include extensive home warranties not typically included with the purchase of resale homes. Builder-offered fit and finish warranty programs provide important protection on the home’s interior finishes, plumbing, electrical systems, heating, air conditioning, ventilation, and appliances, including refrigerators and stoves, for the first year of home ownership. Additional required warranties that cover building and community components promise additional peace of mind not typically available with the purchase of a previously owned, older home.

Quality Construction

Today’s stronger building codes require updated plumbing and electricity as well as mandate higher energy efficiency standards, which means you’ll save energy and money on utilities. In addition, newer building codes that specify comprehensive safety requirements mean you won’t have to deal with hazardous substances like lead-based paint or asbestos in a new home.

Plus, today’s leading builders like etco Homes, who built Monroe as well as several new-home communities throughout the Westside, are known for their quality construction, going above and beyond to create highly livable homes with their signature style. This commitment extends to detailed architecture, functional floor plans and the most desirable modern features. At Monroe, a host of Smart Home features include Ring® Video Doorbell, Kwikset Kevo keyless entry at front door, and NEST® Thermostat.

A Fresh Start

Our beautiful single-family homes in the San Fernando Valley offer an affordable answer to those who don’t want to compromise on size and style. And, as the first to live within your newly built house, a blank canvas affords the idyllic foundation to create your most aspirational home. From the first family meal enjoyed in your dining space to the first photo hung on your pristine walls, this is your place to finally bring to light the well-balanced life you’ve always wanted, at the center of it all.

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